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Who we are: We are a group of very concerned parents and educators with students across all grade levels in Glen Ellyn.

Mission: To educate all District 41 parents about the district’s 21st century learning initiative and their plans for changing the structure of Ben Franklin, Churchill, Forest Glen, and Abraham Lincoln elementary schools.

School Perceptions Survey

The recently completed and reported district survey given by the company School Perceptions was meant to gather more information on the changes that occurred this year and how it should proceed (see Spring 2014 survey tab).


We have started a new petition for the district to delay the implementation of multiage literacy for Level 2 (grades 2/3) and would like your support that reads:

We are petitioning for a delay for the following reasons:

  • The main change (teacher specialization) made for level 2 (grades 2/3) for the 2013-2014 school year has not been fully evaluated, especially for social and emotional impact. The D41 21st century learning survey does not gather parental input by grade which is a noted weakness in the research the District conducted.
  • Multiage literacy for level 3 (grades 4/5) has not been fully evaluated for the social, emotional and academic impact.
  • Concern with the future of the Spanish literacy program and impact to STEAM.  If 2nd graders and 3rd graders are multiage for literacy, the Spanish component of literacy that this year’s 1st graders have been receiving will be moved to STEAM for the 2nd grade next year.   This raises a number of important questions that the District has yet to address.
  • The multiage of literacy for grades 2/3 was delayed from Phase 1 of the plan for 2013-2014 in part because of the teacher survey given last year (see Think Tank History tab) where several teachers expressed concern with the appropriateness of lower grade levels being multiage.  More exploration is necessary here and it is unclear what the District’s plans are to address these concerns.

We are asking that D41 take the time to properly evaluate the changes that occurred this past year, make the necessary adjustments based on the feedback, and re-evaluate before moving forward with Phase 2.  We realize this could delay Phase 2 by a year, but we feel it’s in the best interest of the students and teachers.

We ask that you stand in support of our petition.

Thank you!

Please note:

Any taxpaying member of the D41 community can sign the petition. It is NOT a requirement to have children enrolled in the D41 elementary schools. Every taxpaying member of your household should sign. Separate email addresses required for every name signed.

Sign Our Petition here

Owning Our Children's Future


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